Enthuse offers businesses a colleague communication outsourcing service

We’re there for you when you need us. We can help you out on a colleague engagement project for a short time; we can get you up and running by setting up your first in-house employee communications team and provide regular mentoring and support afterwards to keep you on track; and we can also provide an ongoing comma outsourcing service, if you’re not yet ready to recruit a permanent, full-time Internal Communications team.

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Employee Communication and Engagement Strategy

Good communication with colleagues is more than a monthly newsletter; let us help you to communicate with your colleagues in a way that will help you achieve your business goals.

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Creative Employee Communication

From face-to-face chats to using the latest social media apps, we’ll help you to decide what communication channels work best for your business – and ensure your communications stand out.

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Change Communications

If your business doesn’t plan on standing still then you need your colleagues to accept change and adopt new ways of doing things. We will work with you to help your people be more enthusiastic than they might have been about your latest big idea.

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Development and Coaching

We can help you to recruit your first Internal Communications Manager, get them up-and-running with their first strategic plan and provide ongoing support and coaching.

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Culture Shaping

You can’t buy an IT package for it and you can’t write it on a poster and expect it to become reality. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” said Peter Drucker: it determines how things get done in your business so, if you want to improve things, then you need to put some real effort into shaping your culture through your values and your symbolic communication.

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Employer Brand

You have a reputation as an employer – with your current employees and with prospective ones – and it is what it is, whether you like it or not.  So why not manage it in the right way to make sure you’re attracting the right people and engaging them once they join?

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Colleague Research and Insight

Just as it’s important to listen to your customers, it’s equally important to listen to your colleagues. We can set up listening posts to understand what your colleagues are thinking and feeling and, for businesses with less than 1,500 employees, we offer a colleague engagement survey like no other: our Enthuseometer allows you to generate more action-orientated ideas for your business from your colleagues.

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There are no out of the box solutions…

...we will work with you to understand your people and your
culture and develop communications that are right for your business. Let us be enthusiastic about your people, your products and your services and create something worth shouting about.